Elephant Love

100% recycled card printed with vegan inks


  • The planting of one tree
  • A seed token to feed bees
  • 100% recycled envelope
  • Compostable sleeve

Inside – Blank


In stock


Instructions for planting of seed token:

1 – Soak token in water before planting.

2 – Place seed token in a pot of soil and cover with an extra 1cm of soil.

3 – Water thoroughly & often enough to never let the seed token dry out.

4 – Once seeds start to sprout, place in partial sunlight. Do not let soil completely dry out.

5 – When flowers bloom, place pot outside. Keep in pot, do not plant in nature.


In addition to planting flowers for bees one more thing you can do to help them is to leave out a saucer of water to help replenish them during their long journeys in Summer!

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