Fur Fox Sake is an eco-conscious business not only in our products but in the packaging we use.
We believe that it is vitally important to protect our planet, it’s the only one we have after all if we wreck this one, we are all pretty much doomed! We chose our boxes very carefully and 100% of all our packaging is vegan friendly including any glues or inks.

How our boxes are eco-friendly?


Produced from recycled cardboard that is sourced in the EU thus lowering the distance needed to process it, and helping minimise local EU emissions. The final products are all FSC certified. The FSC label ensures that the trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. FSC is the only wood certification scheme endorsed by the major environmental charities, including WWF, Greenpeace and The Woodland Trust.

Biodegradable & Compostable

When exposed to light, air, moisture & microbes, these boxes break down to natural elements found in nature.

Disintegrating into natural elements while in a specific environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil. Suitable for industrial compost systems, rather than home composting

These boxes are designed that they can be used more than once
With the strip opening, they stay intact so if needed an item can be returned in the original packaging. Also, they are sturdy enough to use in the home as storage or creative purposes.

All our tissue paper and packaging filler are eco-friendly, plastic-free and recyclable. Any filler that we use is recycled from other companies that we receive our stock from.

Local Fabrication

All local manufacturers are used for the production of these boxes meaning freight carbon emissions are cut.

Clean Air Policy & Certified Wood

Made from paper pulp that’s sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills. Toxins & pollutants are removed from the air during the manufacturing process.

“You Helped Plant a Tree”

This badge is a guarantee of sustainable packaging. It means that more trees were planted than were used to produce it. For every box and tissue paper that’s used, trees are planted by a non-profit environmental charity ‘One Tree Planted’ planting trees in North America, Latin America, Africa & Asia.

Without customers, we cannot help this mission of global reforestation, so the more you choose Fur Fox Sake, the more we all help the planet.


“Eco-friendly doesn’t mean spending the Earth – it means saving it”


Thank you for making a difference x