About us

10% of all our profits go to an animal charity each year.
We believe every animal is important and should be treated with nothing but love, compassion, and care.

Animal charities work so hard to give them a voice and we strongly support their “adopt don’t shop” concept.

We also believe that it is vitally important to look after our planet so we are proud to be an eco-conscious business in both our products and packaging.

Fur Fox Sake t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton and our hoodies are made of 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester.

I created this website for likeminded animal lovers. For years I was searching the internet for gift ideas for my animal loving friends (and myself!) but couldn’t find that perfect gift. Out of frustration I kept thinking I should do something myself but life (and fear!!) was always getting in the way to push myself to just do it.

It wasn’t until my beloved boy Duke died and I received some beautiful pet sympathy cards from my family abroad which was so heart warming that I decided to put together a list of ideas and create some designs for pet lovers that were not readily available in Ireland.

I wanted not only to create fun designs for my clothing range but also for each garment to be of top quality while at the same time not having a hard impact on the earth.

So, a year later Fur Fox Sake was born! I have added an eco-friendly section of some simple changes we all can make to protect our planet. Bit by bit I will be adding more sections for all you animal lovers! Hope you enjoy browsing my website.

My ethos is Be Kind… be kind to our planet, be kind to the animals who inhabit it with us (not for us) and be kind to one another. ‘Fur Fox Sake’ just Be Kind! Love Gina xxx


You will find Duke’s signature paw print on our range of ‘The DogFather’ Hoodies & T-Shirts.